The Heat is On

I usually watch the 6:30 evening news on T.V. and I am just amazed by the sheer volume of political ads on TV! Imagine politicians having to spend millions of pesos just to be aired for a few seconds on TV during the campaign period. And for what? For a position that pays not more than 70 thousand pesos- subtract 30% taxes to that and other fees- you just get less than 50,000.00 pesos. How do you equate hundreds of millions spent during the campaign period versus the less than a million salary for a 3 year senate term? True, service to people might be their number one reason on running for the senate- but aren’t you beholden to the businessmen and friends who helped you run for the office? They say that the best and most effective media in propelling candidates to the consciousness of millions of voters is through TV ads. But one cannot stop thinking why they have to spend so much in order to battle hunger, poverty, and lack of educational opportunities, homelessness and the list could go on and on. Cannot one instead channel all these money to directly serve the poor and the needy, help in the nation building without the brouhaha and politicking?

I believe that anything in excess is evil. The wild spending of these senator wannabes just isn’t right. My one vote counts and I would not want to waste it to those who garnered many string attachments on their way to the senate.


3 thoughts on “The Heat is On

  1. Hello new parent,

    Thank you for dropping by 🙂

    Yes, that is a very sad reality here- they spend millions, promise everything and anything under the sun, even literally kill for a position then develop amnesia afterwards. While not all politicians are like that (there are still a “few good men” left), it is a no brainer that when they finally get elected they would siphon the government funds alloted to them to replace the “funds” they spent on election… and the result? poor infrastructure, less than quality education and etc. for the poor masses who toil with sweat and blood to earn a living- and who supposedly, should benefit from the promises given by these politicians.

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