Watching Brainy Baby videos with Danielle

Most nights are spent watching educational videos with danielle. She stares at the screen and seems to understand what is going on inside the video. She hates it if her father sings along with the ABCs in her left brain baby video- she would shout and kick her feet to remind her father that she is concentrating. Just tonight, she sat infront of the computer sitting in her high chair for an hour while I was feeding her.

I marveled at how much technology is used now to educate little children. 30 years ago, teaching was done with a personal touch. While personal teaching is augmented by technology today, I still long for the days where there is little tv and more playing around with real kids. Today, you can read in the news that children in richer countries are getting obese because of little physical activity- add to that that injury caused by falls from trees are significantly reduced among children while there is a big increase in injuries caused by repetitive action done during computer gaming. Meaning, hands of these children are attacked by cramps, tendinitis and etc. because they stay too long playing computer games. And I couldn’t just believe it when I read it in the news! Computer-related “injuries”? What’s next in 10 or 20 years from now?

  I appreciated how much the videos helped danielle this early. She can focus for an hour- even to the extent of not responding when we call her. But I still believed that nothing could compare to “personal” teaching. I don’t want danielle to grow up with most of her life hooked in computers. I know that it wouldn’t be impossible in the near future that everything will be digitalized, let alone scenes in Star Wars come to life- but for Danielle- I want her to grow up living a balanced life between real and virtual life. Just enough so that when she grows up, we can still spend time together not in the net but in real life too.


One thought on “Watching Brainy Baby videos with Danielle

  1. Hi Divine–I’m finding your blog so interesting.

    For me, teaching is more about direct interaction. This way the person learning also picks up nuances in behavior and attitude. Electronic devices don’t help in this area.

    I think striking a clear balance between “personal” teaching and the use of electronic tools is the key!

    Great post. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to reading more!

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