chocolate-induced headache?

I just had a really terrible headache. I was wondering if it was chocolate-induced with the number of cadburry I just ate. It’s really tasty if it’s given free! hehehe- and because it was a gift, I ate and ate and ate to my heart’s content. Who can’t resist dark brown, creamy, heavenly, delicious milk chocolates melting in your mouth with every bite?! I was about to point to the chocolates as the culprit when my hubby told me that I must have forgotten to eat my ritual 4:00 PM snacks. Because I still breastfeed Danielle, I have to eat regularly “bulky” food to keep the milk flow strong. Finally, I understood this headache episode!

And oh, I forgot all about eating because I was so engrossed in making a pinoy delicacy made up of ground glutinous rice with ube, sweet potato, ripe banana, sago, sugar and coconut milk. With the unbearable sumer heat, I kept on drinking cold water- giving me the feeling that I am full. Plus, I kept on tasting and tasting the delicacy while cooking it.

To this minute, I’m afraid this pinoy dish might be wasted because there’s just plenty of it… binignit anyone?

4 thoughts on “chocolate-induced headache?

  1. grocery price, a little bit expensive by 30% siguro, not bad. After more than 10 years of being sabbatical on tender juicy hotdog and purefoods corned beef, I am eating it again at least once a week!

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