Happy Easter everyone!

Happy easter everyone! My family and I spent this Sunday as usual- we went to church to hear the delayed telecast through satellite of our church’s semi-annual general conference. The proceedings are viewed worldwide to an estimated audience of more than a million.

In the spirit of the lenten season I’ll take some liberty to express little personal thoughts:

In commemoration of the Savior’s atonement and sacrifices for us, I got to ponder and think how I am today, if I have been a better daughter, friend, wife and mother- or if I have followed God’s example.  I remember a phrase that God gave us the gift of life and what we do with that life is our gift to him.  In our christian world- as everyone pauses to remember the Savior, I believe that the best gift we can give to him- is treating our hubby, sons or daughters, friends, parents, siblings, colleagues- and yes- even our enemies, the way God would treat them. I know it is better said than done especially if we harbor ill feelings towards any of them or if they hurt us in ways that we know and think are irreconciliable. But I think the best gift we can give to ourselves is to let go of the burden- not immediately- but slowly until wounds heal.

End of thoughts

Just this minute Danielle bumped her head on the wall. Joseph was playing with her just 2 meters away from me. We put ice on her forehead. Poor girl! Joseph is still cuddling and soothing her to this minute.

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